From the workshop to the shop

The idea to create a tasting shop was born in an artisanal workshop of the historical centre of Pesaro and thanks to the purchase of a small toasting machine. Due to the passion of the actual founder, in 1969 the first Rio Rica-marked cup of coffee could be drunk. The coffee blends were made inside the small shop and later sold at the retail level, and clients were attracted by the scents and aromas spread over the streets of the town centre. After developing the coffee sell retail in the workshop, and thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit, year after year Rio Rica establishes itself in the local market.

In the mid-‘80s the new roasting factory was built, and nowadays it keeps being the base of production. Behind this success there is an accurate selection of the raw materials and a great experience in the production methods, aimed at the quality keeping. Through the years the company has achieved a high level expertise in the sector, paying constant attention to the market and trying to give its clients an accurate service.