Heart and coffee

No relationship with cardiovascular problems therefore.

Good news for the coffee lovers; moderate consumption has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system both in healthy subjects and in people with heart problems. Talks about a study published in Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy, which ensures: 3-4 cup coffee a day have a protective effect in cases of high blood pressure, heart failure, arrhythmias and diabetes mellitus. As well as supporting the research conducted by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) on a sample of 4,000 consumers in 10 European countries.
In this case, however, the study is aimed at analysing all they know consumers of coffee on the real benefits that caffeine intake can bring our organism. The 42% of Europeans, in fact, believes that drinking coffee hurts the heart and cardiovascular system. In fact, scientific evidence, like the one above, suggest, instead, an association between coffee consumption and decreased the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and that a moderate daily consumption (3-4 cups a day) can have an effect positive.

Source: Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy, the impact of coffee consumption on blood pressure. March 2017

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