All the benefits of coffee

The myth of vascular cardiovascular problems linked to the caffeine intake has been faded: at last you can drink the “tazzulella” and the café at the bar at home

The most common belief when talking about coffee and health is the one related to the presumed heart damage that the consumption of the first one would make. To break this atavistic conviction, there are now two studies. The first was conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and published on the Journal of American Heart Association, which analyzed 1,388 randomly selected participants from the Cardiovascular Health Study database. For a year the participants were subjected to electrocardiographic outpatient monitoring. The results found that 61% consumed more than one caffeine-containing product per day, including coffee, tea and chocolate, but at the end of the survey, in those who took more frequently these products, there was no association with extra heart rate .

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